Using Nigel’s Law Online Teacher Facilitated

Welcome to the second step. Now that you have a good general framework for your idea fleshed out, it’s time to start developing your idea into a business. Every step from here on our will help you create something(s) you need to pitch to your potential investors, and/or to appeal to your customers directly. Mark is going to start us off in the first video by introducing a very powerful tool – Nigel’s Law. Then watch the second video looks at how you can use Nigel’s Law to strengthen your idea, and create an awesome elevator pitch.  At this point, you will participate in the discussion for this lesson.  Finally, download the playbook page, and use Nigel’s Law to tighten up your idea, and create a killer elevator pitch. If you need a little more guidance, we have a filled-out version of the playbook page you can use for reference.


Video 1 (Start Here)


Video 2

Discussion Question

We’ve introduced a lot of new ideas, you should reflect on them a little bit before you p
ut your new skills into action. Hop over to the discussion question for this less and answer the prompt. You will also be responsible for replying to at least two of your classmates’ responses. When you are finished here, you will be ready to tackle your playbook page.


Ready to put your new skills to work? Open up the playbook page and make your vision that much closer to a reality.

Playbook Page – Click Here

Filled Out Playbook Page – Click Here